Sunday, July 11, 2010

A brief introduction.

So many thoughts, ideas, observations, hunches and intuitions, dreams, glimpses, and hopes all flitter  about and combine to make up what is my life's compass, my inherent obsession; something so far beyond me but yet must be manifested in the practical, everyday material sense. It's like trying to bring these visions of the heavens here to this earth. From the outside, it appears I enjoy making things: clothes, accessories, art, objects, collages; but from the inside, these are the tremendous urge to search, explore, and unify with this elusive but utterly familiar essence. I seek to be the channel, and hope that my work can transform, inspire, and create joy - not because I declare any of it to be beautiful or merely a product for others to consume - but hopefully because each item will speak to others on a soul level. I would much rather someone buy my product for that resonance than purely for the sake of acquisition of more material objects to own and consume.

The other side to this coin, or perhaps prism, is that in being one who produces material objects, I seek to produce outside the current paradigm of materialistic consumption, which tends to encourage us to consume mindlessly and without reference to the bigger picture. Surely some might wave this away as 'reading into things too much', a branding angle, or just a useless appendage; however it is without a doubt that our consumption has left out the bigger picture for far too long, leaving us with a damaged planet and a culture starving for something it can no longer find within itself.

Ultimately, I aim and hope to encourage liberation beyond the sphere of my own work; I hope that my efforts ultimately inspire and encourage others to seek their own experience and understanding of beauty and joy on their own terms, and to find their own truth and essence. My work is a distinct revolt against any system (usually commercial) which believes its business is to create and dictate the desires and needs of others.

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